Research in Traditional Medicine

Research in Traditional Medicine 

The use of Traditional Medicine has been drastically increasing worldwide, but the research in this area is still very insufficient with a lot of difficulties concerning the studies conducted. Most of the Traditional Medicine mediations use difficult methods such as individualized diagnosis and treatment, botanical medications which leads to more complexity not emphasizing on maximizing the body’s innate ability to heal itself and a “whole systems” approach, wherein the physical, mental, and spiritual attributes of a patient are underlined, rather than a focus on the disease.

Future guidelines include

  1. Policy making and standardization

  2. Training of researchers in Traditional Medicine with a combination of conventional research methods and those relevant exclusively to Traditional Medicine

  3. Financing research in Traditional Medicine and guidelines for writing and reviewing research grant proposals, and planning and designing studies in Traditional Medicine.

 The ultimate goal of research is to assimilate traditional medicine into healthcare with enough knowledge about the safety, Mechanism of Action and efficacy of traditional medicine systems.